AI Critic For UX Changes:

Forge Delightful Experiences

Understand how changes to information architecture (IA) & interaction design (ID) impact users’ ability to get things done in your product.

The example is using which is an app that provides therapy for people with ringing in their ears. To receiver the therapy you have to first match the frequency of the ringing using the tuner feature displayed.

One line of code to get started.

How is P/MFIT different?

You can’t ask🙋 everyone if they like every UX change or new feature.📭

Qualitative research📜 is awesome but extremely time-intensive.⌛

Lagging indicators like satisfaction❤️ & revenue💰 are great but lagging.

P/MFIT auto-segments your customer base by tasks they value most.

See exactly how each UX change affects existing tasks, whether new features enable new tasks, and how it all connects back to revenue.

Traditional Measures

PMFIT Measures

Avoid missteps👣, identify opportunities💡, & project impact📽️ with a real time feedback loop🔄 using the entirety of your data.

Use Cases

Simplify existing tasks & digitize critical new tasks to grow value.

 Segment by tasks+demographics to understand who fan groups are.


Project how individual changes and sets of changes will impact your trajectory 


Ensure important tasks within your product are always getting faster  and easier

You’ve probably felt the frustration when tasks you use become harder or slower to use in a product you love.

Keep track of the effort and time popular tasks require to ensure you’re always making customers happier.


See when a new feature cannibalizes a more important existing feature

A new feature can be exciting and look good on its own. In reality it might be hurting another more important feature.

That’s why it’s essential to evaluate all the features in a product as a whole.

There’s no sense in creating competing features that hurt the UX or worse yet confuse customers.



Track segments of fans to keep a pulse on how your roadmap is affecting them

There is no such thing as an “average customer.” You need a representation of customer segments you can actually picture in your head.

Discover your biggest fan segments and determine what makes them value your product. Make better empathetic & strategic decisions.

Track specific segments overtime as your roadmap evolves.


Develop intuition about changes that 10x results

One week of work can lead to 1x, 2x, or 10x the impact.

Understand which work results in 10x ROI to do more of it.


Evaluate key aspects of why changes fail or succeed

High fidelity explanation of changes along with their impact.

Decide when to abandon changes with confidence.


Compare changes across the entire customer journey

Track how various types of changes affect your customers.

Engineering, marketing, product work off the same context.


Keep Your UX Pristine With PMFIT's AI Critic

Run through personalized scenarios of how PMFIT would work at your company.

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