User state machine to grow product-market fit

Do continuous product discovery like a boss. We’ll handle the boring bits so you can focus on learning from users.

7 transitions tracked in PMFIT's simple state machine

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User State Machine

See how Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote and now, employs a user state machine.

Continuous Product Discovery

Watch Teresa Torres, coach for cos. like CarMax & Spotify, talk about continuous product discovery.


Intuitive overview of your product

Adjustable Time Interval
Depending on how fast your current product is moving, track states daily, weekly, or monthly.

Discovered vs. Resurrected
Treat brand new users (discovered) differently than users returning after churning (resurrected).

Bounced vs. Churned
If someone signs in to your product once and leaves (bounced) that might be a problem with marketing rather than the product. Track the two separately.

Drill in to individual user behavior & get the most out of every interview

Completely accurate
Your DB is used to track activity server side so there’s no missing data. Connect to your DB through SSH or directly. PostgreSQL, MySQL, & sqlite3 currently supported.

Own your data
You have the option to store data in your own DB. That means even if you stop using PMFIT you get to keep your records gathered up to then.

Multi-tiered security & privacy

Most-restrictive setting, all data becomes completely anonymous
In our most restrictive mode you’re able to keep users & their behavior anonymous to PMFIT. You can do this by dedicating a smaller DB running on a separate machine from your main server. This setup is most time-intensive.

Fastest setup and allows for greatest detail but data is exposed to PMFIT
To get going extremely quickly we can directly connect to your DB. Security is a priority for us and all of your existing tables will be untouched. This is great for getting maximum visibility into your user behavior and habits.

Start Interviewing One To Five Users A Week

Schedule a demo and get setup right on the call if you like what you see.

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